Our Jewellery

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What materials is your jewellery made of?

Our jewellery is made from pure 925 Silver. Additionally, our pieces will also come studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic stones, Mother of Pearl, etc. Please refer to the product descriptions for details of the materials used in the product.

How do you guarantee that the jewellery is indeed made from pure silver?

Our pieces come with a 925 silver stamp and also come with a certificate of authenticity from Starina. 

Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?

Yes we provide a certificate of authenticity. 

Will your silver jewellery tarnish or turn black?

All silver articles are subject to tarnishing or turning black due to oxidisation and exposure to environmental elements. However, your jewellery will last several years if properly stored and cared for. Our warranty covers plating issues for your product for 6 months